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Pin 37302 Turkey Silopi
English (English)
Pin 37303 Turkey Silopi
English (English) Türkçe (Turkish)
Pin 37304 Turkey Silopi
English (English) Türkçe (Turkish)
Pin 37305 Turkey Silopi
English (English) Türkçe (Turkish)
Pin 37306 Turkey Silopi
English (English)
Pin 37307 Turkey Van
English (English)
Nirvana means the greatest happiness achieved.
Pin 37308 Turkey Van
Kurdî | کوردی (Kurdish) Türkçe (Turkish)
Fıravin means guest in Kurdish. The owner of the place may have put this name to treat his customers as guests. Local home cooking is served here (Şehristan Geylani)
Pin 37309 Turkey Van
English (English) Türkçe (Turkish)
Doruk means summit in English. This is a special course that teaches English to high school students (Şehristan Geylani)
Pin 37310 Turkey Van
English (English) Türkçe (Turkish)
Moda means fashion in English. Here is the fashion here or the trend parts are called here (Şehristan Geylani)
Pin 37311 Turkey Van
English (English) Türkçe (Turkish)
Foreign currency is all kinds of payment places such as money, checks and policies that can be used for inter-country payments. This place is also in a central location. You can find it easily (Şehristan Geylani)
Pin 37312 Turkey Van
English (English)
Europcar is an international car rental company, focusing on leisure and corporate rentals. (Şehristan Geylani)
Pin 37313 Turkey Van
English (English) Türkçe (Turkish)
İnci means pearl in English. This is an accessory store.It has already referred to the pearl with its logo. (Şehristan Geylani)
Pin 37314 Turkey Van
English (English) Türkçe (Turkish)
Deri means leather in English so this is a leather store. (Şehristan Geylani)
Pin 37315 Turkey Van
English (English)
Ottoman is a famous cafe. The name refers to the Ottoman Empire
Pin 37316 Turkey Van
English (English) Kurdî | کوردی (Kurdish)
Nav means name in Kurdish.this is also a place where you can sit and chat with your friends (Şehristan Geylani)
Pin 37317 Turkey Van
English (English) Türkçe (Turkish)
This is a household goods store.It includes many brands as seen below
Pin 37318 Turkey Van
English (English)
Here no 65 restaurant. 65 is the van's license plate code. The sign referred to it.
Pin 37319 Turkey Van
English (English)
Here's Burger mex. this is a business that makes good Burger. (Şehristan Geylani)
Pin 37320 Turkey Van
English (English)
This is a popular pizza shop. It has branches at different points in the city. If you want to eat pizza, you can choose here. (Şehristan Geylani)
Pin 37321 Turkey Van
English (English)
A hotel in the center of the city. And customers express their satisfaction. İt is near to almost everywhere (Şehristan Geylani)